Aeterna Capital Partners



A Family Office Backed Private Investment Firm

Aeterna Capital is a family office backed private investment firm. With a decade experience in investing and scaling companies in the healthcare and health-tech space, Aeterna has been investing in blockchain private companies since 2015. Recent ventures and investments in the Decentralized Finance, digital assets and NFT technology industries has positioned Aeterna Capital to provide strategic value to its partner companies.

Competitive advantage:
• Team with broad investment experience across the ever-changing digital asset landscape. Specific expertise and relationships in identifying new and unique opportunities and ability to develop investment strategies to capitalize on new protocols and exchanges as they are launched.
• Unique multi-disciplinary experience across traditional hedge funds, investment banking, leveraged finance and crypto. Many crypto investment firms do not have traditional investing skill sets.
• Advanced risk management, hedging, and other techniques to blend traditional investment management with new digital asset frameworks.
• Deep relationships across the entire blockchain and decentralized finance landscape, among investors, projects, founders, technical and security talent.
•Cross-industry experience and deep knowledge of scaling companies, Aeterna is well positioned to be an industry leader and long term partner for our portfolio companies.


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New York, New York


Aeterna Capital is a family office backed private investment firm focused on Blockchain, Decentralized Finance and Private Seed stage companies.