Centralized Management Services

The Company does centralized management services including, but not limited to:

Professional Services

The Company does various types of professional services, including, without limitation, accounting and financial services, legal services, tax planning, information technology services, staffing services, employee placement and recruiting services, employee training services and general administrative services.

Consulting Services

The Company does financial and business consulting services, including without limitation, financial advisory consulting, general business and investment consulting, business valuation consulting, mergers and acquisitions consulting, business strategy consulting, exit strategy consulting business structure and setup consulting, operations consulting, business planning, and general financial and business consulting.

Training Services

The Company does all forms of educational and training services, including, without limitation, online education; creation and coordination of seminars, workshops and conferences, video and digital marketing education paid advertising seminars, employee training seminars, and all other forms of education and training in all digital, physical and media channels.

Call Center

The Company does call center services.

Commercial and mercantile distribution

The Company does distribution of medical parts and apparatuses, laboratory samples and tests, medical devices, medicaments medical and wellness supplements and all types of products servicing medical, dental and wellness practices.

Electronic Data Processing Center

The Company does electronic data processing services, including, without limitation, big data mining, processing and maintaining of secure records, data verification services, general electronic processing of data and general electronic storage of data.

Advertising and Public Relations

The Company does all forms of advertising and public relations, including, without limitation, public relations, marketing and branding consulting, event production, web marketing and advertising services, creating and managing advertising and marketing campaigns, creating and managing product and service launch campaigns, product placement strategies, digital content strategic services, social media marketing services, alternative digital marketing, branding and merchandising services, customer engagement and account management services conducting market research, and experiential marketing.


Outbound reactivation calls, TC Sales, Scheduling confirmations and no-show decrease project, Inbound Call Triage and Resolution, Sales - Remote TC, Process improvement, KPI and dashboard design, implement and management, AP - accounts payable, Financial Statements, Projections, HR, Culture, Performance Reporting, Claims submission, Claims follow up, Claims resolutions and collection, Revenue Cycle management, Patient Financing, Ledger and new contract start, Financial paperwork preparation, Ledger and financial contract management, Collections, Compliance, OSHA, NY Office of the professions, NYS and NYC agencies, HR and employment law, IRS and tax compliance, Misc compliance, Inventory Management, Ordering and Supply, Negotiation with vendors, Shrink management, Legal, HR and employment law compliance and issues, GL, Professional liability, Chief Clinical Officer, IT, Facilities and Maintenance, Lease, Negotiation with landlords, Ensure compliant with local regulations , Timely rent payments, Education and Training, Quality Assurance